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Bracelet Styles Guide

Introduction to Bracelet Styles

Bracelets elevate any look, whether it is a cocktail party or bringing elegance to your everyday look. These versatile bands come in a variety of styles, from more whimsical bangles to ever sophisticated diamond tennis bracelets. Whether it is worn alone or stacked, bracelets make a stunning statement piece. 

Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are ideal for stacking and can be incredibly eye-catching as they move freely around your wrist. Typically made from rigid metal with no clasp, it is slipped over the hand and lays loosely on the wrist. Thin bracelets are popular because they allow for more mixing and matching. They empower women to be creative as they can combine different textures and colors to create a unique piece that shows off their personality. 

Cuff Bracelets  

Fitting snug against the wrist or forearm, cuff bracelets add an air of sophistication. Similar to bangles in that they are made of inflexible metal, cuffs differ in that they have an opening on one side, making them easier to take on or off. Thin or thick cuffs have the power to change the entire vibe of an outfit. Large, heavy bands are dramatic and ideal for nights out, while thinner bands are more discreet for everyday wear. 

Tennis Bracelets  

For a high-end, red-carpet-worthy look, the tennis bracelet is an excellent choice. A classic style, the tennis bracelet has become synonymous with luxury in recent decades. Composed of multiple, uniform diamonds, this band fits loosely over your wrist, allowing for more motion. The diamonds will sparkle as they catch the light, the luminosity made all the more brilliant by the band’s simplistic design. 

Chain Link Bracelets  

Crafted with any type of metal, chain bracelets are composed of interlocking metal loops. Depending on the size of the links, you can create a classy or whimsical aesthetic. Small, discreet chains create a flawless, classic look with its thin appearance. In contrast, larger links can be used to make a statement piece that will showcase a woman’s bold, striking style. No matter the size that is chosen, chain bracelets are a classic choice for the modern woman. 

Station Bracelet

Delicate and demure, station bracelets feature a chain with stations of vibrant gemstones, glittering diamonds, or cultured pearls distributed throughout the chain. For a sleek, contemporary style, bezel station bracelets have a circle mount that fastens each diamond in their place, while a half-bezel style has dainty bars or half-circles on each side of the diamond. Station bracelets give a subtle sparkle that can be worn every day to enhance day-to-day outfits. 

Why Shop for Bracelets at LV Luxury?

Find your next statement bracelet with LV Luxury. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, LV Luxury is dedicated to finding you high-quality pieces that will elevate your look and stay fashionable for a lifetime. For more information on these trending bracelet styles, visit us in-store or call us at 702.733.0016.

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