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Guide to Watch Complications


Guide to Watch Complications 

Modern-day timepieces are capable of much more than accurately ticking away the seconds. Manufacturers seek to take advantage of the centuries between the birth of the watch and now often add “complications”. These additional features and functions take the watch beyond simple timekeeping and have many permutations available. These contemporary luxury timepieces will elevate not only your personal style but also your everyday life. 

Day/Date - Often combined, these complications are some of the most commonly available. Date complications display the date, while day complications display the day of the week. Most often, the day is abbreviated and displayed on a small sub-dial for quick reference. This is a useful and functional addition to keep track of your busy week.

Month - A Month complication displays the current month. Shown abbreviated on the dial, the month complication ensures that you always get the date right.

GMT - GMT, or Greenwich Mean Time, is a complication that displays the current time in another timezone. This allows you to quickly check different timezones, perfect for if you have a long-distance partner or family member to keep connected with.

Chronograph - Another very common complication, (also referred to as a stopwatch,) this complication is used for precision time measurement. This is the perfect complication for those who want their watch to match their active lifestyle.

Perpetual Calendar - A very complex feature, this displays month, date, time, and year, as well as incorporating Leap Year. This will incorporate all of your calendar needs into one complication, making it one of the most practical features a watch can have. 

Moonphase Complication - A very traditional addition, with roots in maritime travel, this shows the current phase of the moon. This complication is not only helpful but also aesthetically pleasing. The Moonphase complication shows if it is a full, half, quarter, or new moon.

Power Reserve Indicator - Found exclusively in mechanical watches, this addition acts as a gauge for how much power remains in the watch. Certain timepieces have a power reserve of up to 10 days, where the indicator shows days, not hours. 

Jumping Hour - With this feature, the hour is available at a glance. Changing automatically every sixty minutes, the current hour is always visible. 

Alarm- Increasingly common, an alarm feature can be set without altering the current time, to chime at a predetermined time. This is a super practical and useful feature for a modern timepiece to have.

Minute Repeater - Hailing back to the eighteenth century, this feature chimes out the time when a toggle on the side is pressed. This is now considered a collectible, incorporating the old with the new. 

Tourbillon - Another piece of Horological nostalgia, the Tourbillon helps balance the watch, keeping it accurate no matter the gravity or changing positions. Although technology has made it less necessary, it’s often included as an added benefit as a mark of craftsmanship, as it takes extremely skilled manufacture to make this correctly.


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