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Types of Watch Movements

Introduction to Watch Movements

Watches are some of the most refined pieces of engineering available in the modern world. Most of that innovation has been centered on the inner mechanisms of the watch, called the caliber, or the movement. Different types of watch movements do precisely what the name suggests, as they keep the watch’s hands moving and accurately displaying the time.

Characteristics of Manual Movements

The earliest models of hand-worn watches were designed with manual winding mechanisms. These watch movements make use of a spring to store kinetic energy, and a complex series of gears and springs to release that energy at regular intervals, to keep the hands "wound" and accurately ticking away the seconds. This movement has had the longest time to be perfected, benefitting from increases in precision engineering over the centuries. Many people prefer them because of their high quality and craftsmanship.

Characteristics of Automatic Movements

Of course, as time marched on, so did innovation, and although the mechanism to keep time remained relatively unchanged, it did receive a new method of winding. Automatic movements make use of a weighted rotor attached to the watch's mainspring to "self-wind". As the wearer's hand moves, the natural motion of their wrist causes the rotor to spin, and the watch to wind. These watches are popular because so long as the watch is worn regularly, it will stay wound.

Characteristics of Quartz Movements

Still, even automatic watches have their failings, and so a more convenient power source emerged. The quartz movement makes use of a watch battery to send out electric pulses to make vibrations, which will in turn use that energy to keep the clockwork moving. These watches are less popular with collectors because, outside of luxury brands, they don’t require the same craftsmanship to create as other options. However, because of the fewer moving parts, they are very simple to use.

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