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Guide to Watch Maintenance

Guide to Watch Maintenance

Watch maintenance is vital to the integrity and lifespan of your luxury timepieces. Regularly cleaning your timepiece, avoiding the use of harsh chemicals, and keeping it away from extreme heat and magnets are the quintessential basics of watch maintenance. It is important to give your watch the attention it deserves so it can continue to function at its best and preserve its elegant appearance. To find out the best approach to care for your luxury watch, follow along with our Guide to Watch Maintenance and learn about what is required to keep your watch in pristine working order.

Cleaning and Winding

The performance of your watch is primarily dependent on its cleanliness and daily winding. If your watch has a manual movement, it will need to be wound on a regular basis. Automatic watches only necessitate winding if they have been stored for a long period of time without being worn. Quartz watches do not require winding at all. Turning the crown 30-40 times will generate enough energy to maintain the accuracy of your watch for several days.

Cleaning your watch frequently will prevent dirt and grime from accumulating on the surface and entering the watch, where it may cause significant harm. Surface debris can be removed using a soft cloth, but cleansers should be avoided since they can dull the metal, discolor delicate watch straps, and harm the crystal. Take your timepiece to a specialist for a professional cleaning service every three to five years.

Gasket and Seals

The inner mechanisms of a watch are protected from dirt and moisture by gaskets and seals. Waterproof watches are meant to prevent harmful moisture from entering the watch, but gaskets and seals can deteriorate over time, even in dive watches that are intended to be submerged. Whether you have a water-resistant timepiece or not, it's best to have your watch professionally inspected every few years to ensure the potential for damage remains low. An inspection will examine the gaskets and seals of your timepiece, check for loose screws, and assess minor cracks in the crystal that might cause future issues.

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