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Check In On Mid-Year Watch Trends

June 15th, 2022

man with timepiece

We are halfway through 2022, so it may be time to reassess the season’s hottest trends in fashion and luxury timepieces. Whether you are a timepiece connoisseur or a casual collector, always remain informed on the newest developments in luxury watch design and the styles that are gaining traction. Our team of timepiece and trends experts at LV Luxury has put together a mid-year check-in on the pieces and features that will keep you at the forefront of progressive fashion.

Retro Relevance

The past few months have seen a significant uptick in the resurgence of archived styles. It’s not uncommon for a watchmaker to bring back or revamp some of their original designs for a distinctly retro feel. This summer, watch enthusiasts and fashion moguls alike opt for the rich details of the 1950s to 2000s style timepieces to accentuate their warm-weather looks.

longines blue watch

Transcendent Color

Typically when you visit a luxury jeweler, most timepieces you find will feature muted tones and neutral shades. This helps make sure the pieces are versatile and can be worn on a multitude of occasions. However, watches that are a bit more expressive in terms of color are gaining plenty of attention recently.

Imbue your looks with personality and whimsy with a more vibrant piece. This blue Longines watch will draw the eye but not overpower your ensemble. Freshen up your mid-year looks with a brightly colorful timepiece.

vacheron watch

Bold Minimalism

While a multitude of details and complications can create visual interest and dynamism on a watch’s face, minimalism, when done well, can make an equally bold statement. A solid-color watch dial and minimally designed indices can produce a striking contrast.

This white gold Vacheron Constantin watch is a beautiful example of a bold yet minimalist design, with a clean white watch dial accented only by silver lines that serve as indices. A piece like this will easily transition from casual to formal, day to night.

breguet watch

Oversized Elegance

Large watch faces will always make a statement, whether they feature several intricate details or more minimal designs. Typical watch faces range in size from 36mm to 42. For larger, more eye-catching pieces, seek out cases around 45-50mm.

This rose gold piece from Breguet, for instance, features a 48mm case. Large watch faces appear on runways and fashion magazines with increasing frequency, making this style a perfect option to add to your collection this time of year.

watch on gentelman

Shop Trending Watch Styles at LV Luxury

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