Debunking Watch Maintenance Myths

September 15th, 2022

A luxury timepiece is a sentimentally and monetarily valuable possession. Thus, you want to ensure you’re taking care of it in the most efficient way possible. There are several commonly held misconceptions when it comes to watch maintenance, and our experts here at LV Luxury are here to separate the truths from falsehoods.

Myth #1: Save It for Special Occasions

Often when people purchase or receive high-end accessories, they tend to reserve them for only special or formal occasions. This makes sense for things like diamond tennis bracelets or elaborate gemstone necklaces.

Timepieces, however, are forged in high-quality materials and designed for frequent wear. Automatic watches require frequent wear because the movements of the wearer’s wrist are what wind the pieces. After all, these pieces are meant to be seen.

Myth #2: You Need a Watch Winder

The rise of automatic watches coincides with the rise of the watch winder. Many believe that, because automatic watches were powered by movement, they needed a watch winder to constantly wind the pieces they weren’t wearing. While it is undoubtedly true that your watch will perform its best with consistent winding, doing so is likely to produce an adverse effect.

A watch winder can put undue stress on the mechanisms of your watch, causing it to need servicing far earlier than it may have needed before. A rule of thumb is to try and wear your watches often, and if you use a watch winder, use it only as often as you might wear one of your watches.

Myth #3: You Can Only Use Natural Oils

Some people consider natural oils better for keeping your watch lubricated, allowing its mechanisms to function smoothly and without friction. However, many watchmakers and experts will tell you that synthetic oils are far better for your timepiece's longevity.

Over time, natural oils can become gummy and keep your watches from running smoothly. When this happens, your timepiece will need to be cleaned and serviced by a professional. On the other hand, synthetic oils are designed to evaporate over time, ensuring they won’t build up.

Myth #4: Only the Watch’s Brand Can Service the Item

Often, if you purchase a timepiece directly from the brand rather than a jewelry store, the sales team will suggest you bring the piece to them for any repairs it may need. However, most reputable and certified jewelers will have highly qualified watchmakers on staff who can service your timepiece, no matter the brand, with skill and care.

Taking your watch directly to the brand for maintenance will likely cost you more than taking it to a jeweler. They may also be more particular about how the watch is maintained, leaving less room for your preferences.

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