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In the Know: Discover In-House Watch Movements

August 15th, 2021

In the celebrated universe of watchmaking, an in-house manufactured watch movement—or caliber—is a symbol of excellence and prestige. Master artisans undergo life-long training at renowned horology universities, which requires a significant investment in time and money. In the end, they are equipped with the expertise to flawlessly craft these mechanical wonders.

Today, legacy brands must ensure their timepiece collections stay elevated to accommodate avid clientele, which means more innovation, creativity, and an endless pursuit of perfection. In-house movements must ensure accuracy and sustainable power reserves, coupled with fresh and highly complex features. Here, we have examined four noteworthy movements and their respective counterparts.

Struck by Lightning: Zenith's El Primero Movement

The pinnacle of resilence and automatic precision, Zenith is known for developing the first chronograph movement—coined the El Primero. As the start of integrated automatic chronograph calibers, this movement was introduced in 1969. This lightning-quick movement, prominently known for employing its horological prowess in other leading watch brands? models, is a masterpiece of the avant-garde era of the sixies.

The caliber vibrates at a frequency of 36,000 VpH (vibration per hour)—meaning, a single vibration is jolted through the balance wheel causing it to swing, creating an oscillation. The result is a true 1/100th of a second chronograph display. This movement, housed withinZenith's El Primero 21, comes in a diverse selection of model designs, often encased in a malleable and ductile titanium case. Affixed with either an azure-blue or lustrous gray skeletonized dial, these timepieces showcase Zentih’s true artistry.

A Whimsical Retelling: Vacheron Constantin Caliber 4400

Embodying Vacheron Constantin's three-fold quest for accuracy, reliability, and elegant configurations, the Historiquescollection is a deep dive into the historically significant timepieces of the brand’s widely respected legacy.

Within this collection, you will find the Vacheron Constantin Caliber 44 housed in the wonderfully whimsical model—the American 1921. The reimagined cushion case, stylistic numerals, and slanted dial are features found in two previously lauded models the original American 1921 and the American 1919. The wristwatch is certified with the prominent Geneva Seal, which requires a series of tests where every component remains subjected to an immense level of scrutiny and comprehensive examinations.

Tracking Time: The Caliber Heuer 02

Renowned for its tenacious automobile heritage, TAG Heuer encapsulates high-performance speed coupled with vintage aesthetics. TAG Heuer further perpetuated its heritage of luxury chronographs by developing a series of in-house manufacturedcalibers.

After the success of Caliber Heuer 01, Heuer subsequently introduced the Caliber Heuer 02, an automatic movement with a revved-up chronograph function encased in sturdy and svelte materials. This iconic movement employs a vertical clutch instead of the previously used oscillating pinion, which heightens precision when measuring elapsed time through the second hand.

Shock Absorbing Heart: Breitling B01 Movement

Before the inception of Breitling's B01 automatic chronograph movement, the Swiss brand outsourced its movements from Lemania and Valjoux—a Swiss manufacturer of mechanical watch movements for chronographs. B01 marks the first venture into the world of caliber design.

This in-house movement has proven its reliability and precision through its ultra-modern automatic chronograph movement united with an escape wheel—produced to decrease shocks if the wearer, say, dropped the timepiece. The chronograph vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 VpH and offers a sporty power reserve of 70-hours. It has also been awarded a certificate from the distinguished Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC) for its accuracy examined in various positions and temperatures.

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