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Watch Investment Guide

August 15th, 2022

Luxury watches are incredibly valuable. Due to their high-quality materials and artistry, timepieces have a reputation for expense and opulence. When one purchases one of these magnificent accessories, they are making an investment. Some pieces are better than others at maintaining value. Moreover, there are plenty of ways you can help protect your investment. Learn more with LV Luxury about how to make smart decisions when investing in a new watch.

Parity of Rarity

The lower supply and higher the demand, the higher an object’s value will be. This simple fact should dictate how you find an investment piece. Microbrands often produce highly resaleable pieces, simply due to the few watches available. If they have unusual design features or complications, this may help matters as well.

Desirable Brands

Be it because of a reputation for quality or an association with celebrities, some brands have a higher resale value than others. Regardless of the model, it’s rare for these brands? resale value to decrease. This is especially true of those that are iconic and well-known, as they have more collectors.

You can find a plethora of timepieces by these brands at LV Luxury. Our vast selection contains a myriad of brands guaranteed to become more valuable and sought-after over time.

Times and Trends

The value of watches can increase or decrease. If a watch’s style is not currently en vogue, it may be less expensive at the moment. Later, after someone famous sports it, the watch’s value could increase sharply. These moments are ideal for speculation and investment. Like with all things, you want to buy low and sell high.

In Good Condition

To keep your returns high, you need to protect your investment. No matter how rare and beautiful the piece is, it will not sell for as much if it’s in poor condition. It’s not difficult to keep a watch in acceptable condition. You simply have to clean it from time to time, especially if you wear it often. There are ways to clean it at home, but only a watch specialist can bring it back to factory condition.

Cleaning largely depends on the piece’s water resistance. If it is high, then you can dip it in a soapy bath before giving it a gentle toothbrush scrub. For pieces lacking in water resistance, use a dry soft brush and wipe the debris with a cloth.

A Complete Set

It’s crucial to hold onto a watch’s box and certificates. These things will net you a far greater resale value than otherwise. The original packaging can help prove the authenticity of a timepiece, which is especially important in today’s era of counterfeits. In fact, boxes can be found on auction websites for hundreds of dollars.

If you buy from a legitimate source like a jeweler, they will be able to give you the original packaging. Never buy from a place you do not trust.

Find Investment Watches at LV Luxury

LV Luxury is Las Vegas? favorite provider of luxury and beauty. Our Horologio showroom is devoted solely to the art of watchmaking, exhibiting many of the finest watch brands in the world. Our Bellusso location also displays high-quality timepieces. With a diverse selection of brands both large and small, there’s nothing you will not find in our incredible showroom located in the heart of the Venetian. Visit the Horologio, Bellusso, or our other jewelry stores in Las Vegas to experience unforgettable service.