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For a century Kwiat has captivated our imaginations with breath-taking diamonds and inspired diamond jewelry. Adhering to the techniques passed down from one generation to the next, Kwiat precisely cuts each stone to reveal the maximum brilliance from within and designs every piece of jewelry to be worthy of the Kwiat trademark.

Kwiat, founded in 1907, has proven to be a leader in the diamond and diamond jewelry industries. From the cutting and selection of each brilliant diamond to the designing and creating of each beautiful piece of jewelry, Kwiat does it all. Kwiat has the highest standards of excellence with impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. As a supplier to jewelry manufacturers and retailers around the world, the company prides itself on superior cuts and utmost standards of uniformity.

While all Kwiat diamonds are conservatively graded by certified gemologists, major gem laboratory certificates accompany most of the larger stones. When it comes to fine jewelry, there is no other manufacturer in the world with a diamond inventory as extensive and comprehensive as Kwiat. Each stone is perfectly matched to settings by top certified gemologists. Every mounting is engineered to be the best by European-trained master jewelers.

Kwiat is dedicated to creating diamond jewelry that is destined to become a family heirloom. With every piece of jewelry Kwiat is proud to exceed customer expectations. The company`s long-standing reputation for integrity, loyalty and commitment to its customers makes Kwiat the brand to trust.


In 1907 in New York City, my grandfather, Sam Kwiat, began what would grow to be one of the most trusted family-owned houses of diamond jewelry design. His passion for diamonds was passed down to his son – my father, David – who joined the family business in 1933. Today, my brother, Sheldon, and I work side by side with our children, continuing the legacy of our father and grandfather – designing and crafting exceptionally beautiful diamond jewelry with honesty and integrity. Lowell Kwiat


Most of our competitors answer to boards and stockholders, focusing their attention on transactions and margin growth. We answer only to our customers – which enables us to focus all of our attention on our craft. Our promise is to continually re-imagine what can be done with diamonds and to demystify them so that you can find the true value and expression you deserve.


To us, this isn’t just business – it’s personal. We believe that the best way to help you choose the perfect piece of jewelry is to share the knowledge that has been passed down in our family from one generation to the next. This is why we take pride in educating you about what makes diamonds sparkle and scintillate.


We dream it and design it on Madison Avenue in New York City. We believe that each and every design should celebrate the beauty of our diamonds and the woman who wears them. Kwiat designs have a signature lightness, seeming to float weightlessly. They are open and airy, allowing skin to peek through and more light into the diamonds to enhance their brilliance.


The Kwiat workshop is located in our New York City office on Madison Avenue. Diamond graders, cutters, setters and polishers work closely with our designer to bring our vision to life. Once crafted, each piece is studied by the Kwiat Quality Assurance team to ensure these heirlooms-in-the making will stand the test of time. Performance matters when it comes to jewelry. Great care, calculation and precision is required to ensure settings are at once delicate and sturdy, diamond stud earrings maintain their balance as if defying gravity and necklaces sit in exactly the right place and roll only when intended to do so. We also recognize that, like our diamonds, no two customers are exactly alike. We invite you to visit our Workshop for a custom fitting if ever required.

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