Longines Watches

Characteristics of Longines

A timepiece is arguably the most classic accessory of all time. Since the 16th century, people all around the world have used portable timepieces as both a means of time telling as well as a personal statement of style and taste. Longines knows and understands this. Having been successfully crafting watches and fine time pieces for nearly 200 years, this Switzerland based company knows how to combine tradition, elegance and performance to create a stunning masterpiece you can wear for decades to come. Sleek yet unique, with an incline to classic sophistication, these watches stand both the test of time and ware. Thus becoming a staple in your wardrobe for eternity.

Popular Longines Collections

A watch can be so much more than a means to tell the time. It can be a statement of personal style, elevating a look for both everyday situations, as well as special occasions. For those who prefer a more subtle design that lends itself to true class and grace, comes the La Grande Classique collection by Longines. Inspiring confidence with their sleek and sophisticated designs, this collection features watches with slim profiles, minimalist watch faces and specially designed casings. Offering both classic leather bands as well as subtly detailed metal bands of varying colors, the watches in this collection will reliably lend any wearer a sense of purpose, poise and charm.

Adventure seekers, business men and fashion forward individuals alike will all find something to love in the Heritage collection by Longines. A collection that is innovatory and distinct, these watches are designed with the most advanced watchmaking technology available, to be reliable, functional and arresting. Including simple faces as well as more elaborate ones, and a large array of bands, this collection is truly a nod to the pioneering spirit, bringing a rugged and yet refined look to each unique and sempiternal design.

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