How to Stack Fashion Jewelry

Introduction to Stacking Fashion Jewelry

The hardest decision about your jewelry collection is often how to choose just one piece to wear, but maybe that is not a decision you need to make. Stacking fashion jewelry is a trendy way to embrace and sport all the glamorous bracelets and rings you have carefully selected to flaunt your style, together. Less is not more if you want to stand out from today’s fashionistas, but curating the perfect look to fit you is not always as easy as simply throwing everything on. Here are some tips for styling your unique stack.

How to Stack Your Fashion Jewelry

The most important part of tastefully stacking rings is mastering variety—shapes, sizes, metals. Create visual balance by incorporating different ring shapes. Catch the eye with a dreamy eternity ring, center your look with a midi ring, and let a statement ring steal the show. Round out your masterpiece with a few elegant stacking rings. You can either keep your set monochromatic with a cool white or warm rose gold or be bold with a dominant color complemented by your secondary metal. Make sure to leave one or two fingers bare for the perfect accent.
When it comes to stacking bracelets, many of the same techniques will pull together your style seamlessly. Keep your stack to 3-5 bracelets for a classy balance, and mix your metals gracefully by picking a centerpiece to tie them together. Add a pop of color with a gemstone bracelet, or a diamond accent to make your wrist sparkle in the sun. Give dimension to your layers by including a studded or chain link bracelet for a modern and unique spin. For a more urban aesthetic, mix in one of your favorite watches, but make sure your stack does not cover more than a third of your forearm. Have fun crafting your glitz with a layered set that will catch your eyes anywhere you go.

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