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Breguet Watches

Characteristics of Breguet Watches

Phenomenal design paired with a long heritage of expertise, Breguet was created by Abraham-Louis Breguet in 1775. The team from this prestigious brand continues to make innovative machines that are both stylish and highly useful for professionals and those with active lifestyles. Breguet has made watches for important historical figures such as Queen Marie-Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar Alexander I, and Winston Churchill, among other impressive names. This brand has many collections of watches that are absolutely beautiful and will be wonderful additions to your wardrobe. Select different models to diversify your collection and express your aesthetic without losing any of the precision and style that Breguet is known to portray.

Popular Breguet Watch Collections

Breguet makes wonderful collections of watches for men and watches for women that are both incredibly functional and visually pleasing. True to the artistry and values of Breguet, the Classique collection has thin models as well as complicated timepieces that display their information clearly and beautifully. Developed as a sporty timepiece, Marine watches possess the precision and durability passed down by A. L. Breguet from his time as the French Navy’s chronometer maker. A curved tonneau case and an art-deco aesthetic set the Heritage collection apart, though these pieces are immediately recognizable as a Breguet.

Always looking to the future with modern innovations while still honoring traditions that have led to their success, Breguet’s Tradition watches are vintage-inspired with contemporary style that will quickly make any of these models an item that will be enjoyed for generations. Refined and feminine, the Reine de Naples collection of watches was inspired by an early bracelet watch designed for Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, Caroline, Queen of Naples. These beautiful pieces will be an elegant accessory no matter where you are going. Based on a 1950s model meant for the French air force, Type XX watches feature a self-winding mechanism and unparalleled comfortability.

Why Shop Breguet Watches at LV Luxury?

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