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Glashutte Original

Glashutte Original Watches

Characters of Glashutte Watches

Like many German brands, the story of Glashutte is one of tumultuous excellence. This brilliant brand was started in Glashütte, Saxony in 1845 by a group of professional watchmakers. It started a horological university in 1878. World War I and II had a profound effect on Glashutte but, unlike most German brands, it continued creating fine timepieces. In 2000, it officially merged with the legendary Swatch Group, gaining security and access to new markets. Today, Glashutte is well-known for its high-end watches and uncompromising quality. Both its men’s and women’s watches are beautiful, intricate, and marvelous.

Popular Glashutte Watch Collections

The Pano collection exhibits a myriad of fantastic pieces. They are united by the same dial design, which features a small watch face on the left and complications on the right. Some have bold colorful dials, while others have a more rigid and understated look. Meanwhile, the Senator collection showcases dress watches with understated silhouettes and minimalist styles. Fine leather straps, gorgeous gold cases, and delightful complications come together to convey elegance and sophistication. Vintage watches draw inspiration from styles of yore to create unique and sleek timepieces.

Glashutte also offers many gorgeous women’s watches. PanoMatic Luna is a lively, fashion-forward collection showcasing a unique aesthetic. Each piece has a shimmering mother of pearl dial plus a delicate moonphase complication. Some of these watches have diamonds on the crown for a watch as radiant as the moon itself. Lady Serenade watches are classically feminine and colorful. Some have rich blue dials with accompanying cases, while others have a more traditionally bold black and steel scheme. All are dashing and attractive, sure to become a staple in any owner’s wardrobe.

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